Keep your newsletter subscribers, customers and orders in sync. Supports ecommerce segmentation and ecommerce360.

3dcart increases revenue for online merchants by sharing the data from your online store with MailChimp. The integration with your 3dcart store gives instant access to customers and orders information so that you can take advantage of the personalization and targeting capabilities from MailChimp.

3dcart to MailChimp integration automatically gathers customer purchase history data to create targeted customer segments in your MailChimp account.

  • Sync existing newsletter subscribers.
  • Mailing List box updates subscribes and unsubscribes to Mailchimp.
  • Sync Customers with Mailchimp, including contact details, customer groups and affiliate status.
  • Enable eCommerce Segmentation to send campaigns based Products purchased, order amount, location, etc.
  • MailChimp eCommerce360 functionality to track conversions on campaigns.
  • Integration with Mandrill SMTP for transaction emails.

This description was submitted by the integration’s developer. MailChimp lists available integrations for customer convenience only, and we don’t endorse or guarantee these services or products.

  • Developer: 3dcart
  • Updated: 05-02-2013
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  • Ce66a16dc88aeacf48151c19132c4fe7.png?

    Sue Miller

    I have integrated 3dcart and Mailchimp. Once the initial integration is complete, only customers sync - not the 3dcart subscriber maillist. In addition, the enable flag maillist is not respected, i.e. all customers are sync'd regardless of whether they have elected to receive emails. It is a great step forward for 3dcart to offer integration - but it still needs some work. The most important being that the mail list should be sync'd.

  • F2df58ed4d709d719729202cd6c56a86.png?

    Ron Henderson

    I agree with Sue's points and would add that there are other bugs. Order date is not order date but last synch date, so last purchase Date is completely unreliable. Gave me fits until I realized this. I've turned it off for now, and I'm hoping for a new release to fix the obvious issues. Could be very good if done right, and can't complain about the price!

  • C27f60b54ccd2aacae86e3ac3965f724.png?

    Alex Watson

    Unfortunately the 3dCart plugin syncs all customers not only those who have subscribed to the newsletter so there is no way to separate them within MC. I have also had problems with 3dCart bulk unsubscribing subscribers without any reason through their plugin.(Just had 81 automatically unsubscribed recently)

    I've had to disconnect the plugin completely and manually import new subscribers.