Sync your WordPress user data with your MailChimp mailing list. Create campaigns from blog posts.

AutoChimp allows you to automatically add, remove, and update users on your MailChimp mailing list as users subscribe and unsubscribe to your WordPress site. You can also create campaigns automatically from blog posts.

AutoChimp uses a single options page to help you to quickly manage your preferred settings. In order to use AutoChimp, you must already have an account with MailChimp and at least one mailing list.

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  • Developer: Wanderer LLC
  • Updated: 07-22-2014
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Create campaigns from blog posts
Create campaigns from blog posts

Set your MailChimp API key
Set your MailChimp API key

Manage your mailing lists
Manage your mailing lists


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  • 76ba986b32fecaee8ab1f449850f8c25.png? LLC

    I appreciate that the plugin is able to auto create campaigns, but I need more information on integrating better (Titles, Post URL, Main Content, etc)

  • 62ce0dc085ddd19c4b96c0dd406c2e0f.png?


    After I download the plug-in, I receive a vital failure when I attempt to activate it.

    WordPress version: 3.6 Autochimp version: 2.15

    Error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected TPAAMAYIMNEKUDOTAYIM in /home1/ourquar2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/autochimp/autochimp.php on line 852

    I would love to use this plugin and look forward to it being fixed.


  • Ce9cb496b090fcecf07420a1416a5e4d.png?


    I also got a fatal error, like previous user Greg did. Deleting.

  • D65def2680698089601fa924f7211995.png?


    The problem in WordPress seems to be that AutoChimp requires PHP5.3

    PHP5.3 can cause problems in some circumstances, and some web hosting companies — notably HostGator — require you to specifically request PHP5.3 to be authorized.

    This may have changed since the takeover by EIG Group, so check with Tech Support at your Hosting Company if there's a problem.