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Have you ever wondered what's the best way to send SMS text messages to your MailChimp subscribers?

Call Loop's simple sms marketing software makes it easy for you to send targeted mass text messages, create sms autoresponders, and deliver voice broadcasts.

It's actually a question we get from MailChimp users just like you and with Call Loop we've made the easiest integration that allows you to do some really awesome things like this:

Automated MailChimp List Building Integration

Literally with one-click, you can easily integrate MailChimp with Call Loop to start growing and building your own text message list.

Send Scheduled or Instant Broadcasts

Set your own delivery date and time or immediately broadcast your message to your subscribers. Up to you and completely flexible.

SMS Text & Voice Autoresponders (Followups)

Create unlimited SMS and voice message autoresponders to work right along side your MailChimp mail autoresponders.

SMS Contests, Promotions, & Coupons

Get fast and powerful results by sending out special sms promotions, creating unique sms contests, and sms coupons to drive more sales.

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  • Developer: Call Loop
  • Updated: 07-08-2013
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Integrate Your Mailchimp List with Call Loop
Integrate Your Mailchimp List with Call Loop

Send Mass Voice & Text Messages to Subscribers
Send Mass Voice & Text Messages to Subscribers

Create & Automate Voice & SMS Autoresponders
Create & Automate Voice & SMS Autoresponders


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    Trevor Mauch

    Been using CallLoop for our text for the past 6 months or so. It's been really easy to use and I like the no monthly fee attached to it. Definitely worth checking out and testing since it's integrated w/ mailchimp now.

  • C3151cdc50dea79fba608ec52e4c9372.png?d=http%3a%2f%2fconnect.mailchimp.com%2fassets%2favatar%2fk3


    The only issue I for see is allowing recipients the ability to unsubscribe. Is this option available?

  • 1671036d738457cbb8e2590a5db80ed7.png?d=http%3a%2f%2fconnect.mailchimp.com%2fassets%2favatar%2fk2


    I have tried to use this integration with CallLoop.

    So far I can not sync a list in MailChimp with Callloop and my efforts to get this resolved with their customer support has failed. Over 10 or so emails back and forth. No results.

    Hope others have better luck