Keep your Magento subscribers in Sync with MailChimp, supports multiple lists and interest groups. Now free!


  • Sync Magento's newsletters subscribers with your MailChimp lists.
  • Supports multiple lists and interest groups.
  • Webhooks integration for full data sync.
  • Both ways bulk data sync.
  • Ecommerce 360 integration
  • Mandrill integration for Magento transactional emails

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  • Developer: ebizmarts
  • Updated: 08-14-2013
  • Rating:  

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OAuth2 integration
OAuth2 integration

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  • 9f546ba210a811fc3794a3ef0e6e7ae5.png?


    The module is working just fine, using magento 1.7.x here, the 404 error mentioned by Billy is something that magento administration should be used to see when installing modules, it is perfectly normal, it means "clean my cache and log in again".

  • 972193773429b7940c9fe2318bad7efa.png?


    Proper steps of installing an extension for Magento:

    Disable Compiler Install Extension Log Out Log In Clear Cache Re-enable Compiler

    For me, I did get the 404 - but it went away by logging out and logging back in. Set up and use is straight forward and easy.

  • 9da84446058dfa968cd4fba6eee62295.png?


    Hi Billy,

    The "error" you get is because you have to logout and log back in on the Magento admin panel, its not an issue on the module, its how magento handles ACL permissions.


  • Fb4d0a798151696dc3f7086a88f45f78.png?



    Does it work on MagentoGo?



  • E32d6dd8cbd4406b9cd44783dbd51af8.png?



    Mailchimp overpass the magento automatic messages like the new subscriber and confirmation newsletter. Of course I want to use the magento message and not this mailchimp. So I disabled the mailchimp extension.

  • 17a6b6915cd360fa929749c6595dd69d.png?


    Hello, I like Rob, on 2/5 would like to know if MAILCHIMP is compatible with MAGENTOgo.

  • 5033f207a60881f97c34512d6db797d7.png?

    Dustin Struckman

    This is a great Module that gets data from Magento to MailChimp. It's easy to set up, it's automated and ebizmarts offers excellent support.

    I highly recommend this Module to all of my clients.

  • 8c01ee570a44d9aadea74ef2b9351b01.png?

    Diana H.

    I am so impressed with the customer service - quick response time, super resourceful AND they spent hours on Skype helping me troubleshoot.

    Mandrill's tracking and deliverabilty are awesome features. And I LOVE how the customer can easily reload their carts with the abandoned cart module.

    I highly recommend this extension and the ebizmart team.

  • 0eff024405ca60f9c7fd12fde309d54e.png?


    great work!

  • 9af7d2eec71c5a8130bd025fbcf90afb.png?


    Integration is so complicated and ebizmart support team is useless. They do not help just refer you for resource.