This applet lets you add a MailChimp signup option to your Magento Go pages

Once you provide your MailChimp API key and select your list, this applet will generate the HTML code you need to add a signup form to your page.

This description was submitted by the integration’s developer. MailChimp lists available integrations for customer convenience only, and we don’t endorse or guarantee these services or products.

  • Developer: MailChimp
  • Updated: 05-02-2013
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  • D36c31619701409653dd846e764de887.png?

    Paul Rice

    This add-on is just a simple subscribe box. We can we expect real API functionality with MailChimp and Magento Go.?

    When someone checks out as a guest or creates an account there should be an option for them to "opt-in" to the newsletter and then Magento go should connect to MailChip's API to add them to the list.

    This is powerful stuff, if it can be integrated.

  • 1438b37a8ae81d07d0d94222058d2b06.png?


    Paul already asked this question, and I can almost hear the crickets... Not a good sign.

  • C190b17f8f517e3a6b7dd474e1e9013a.png?


    come on Mailchimp, and magento go lets get a proper intergration please, this is very lack luster and of little use to anyone

  • 6f68e92689599061f7e8cce53215b75d.png?


    100% agree with Paul, need something more than a subscribe button. Want full integration into cart, to be able to add upon checkout.

    Also, would be nice to be able to create a pop-up form to capture emails.

    Have anyone of you done that?

    Thanks, Hamlet

  • 4d28a31bee3a062f9038621313a64b18.png?


    I agree with Hamlet.

    Full cart integration Lightbox pop up to capture emails etc.

    Thank you, David

  • 85519ddae58cddce53391b7ad8bdface.png?

    paul i

    how does the newsletter on magento Go work by default? it dosent seem to handle creating the actual newsletter or sending it... just giving a sign up text box and transactional emails with the confirmation email that is sent when users sign up... is that correct or am i missing something.?