MailChimp's Hootsuite plugin allows you to view reports, list growth, and search for subscribers on social networks.

The HootSuite app allows you to add two streams to your HootSuite dashboard: MailChimp Campaigns and MailChimp Lists.


Using the MailChimp campaigns stream, you can view your campaign reports or share links to the campaign archive across social media outlets using HootSuite's trackable URL. Once shared, you can see how your campaign is spread by your followers.


The MailChimp lists stream allows you to keep an eye on list growth and list health by monitoring open and click rates, subscribes and unsubscribes. By using the two streams together, you can get an idea of your email's performance and build out complimentary social campaigns.

List Searching

A third feature of the new MailChimp plugin for Hootsuite utilizes MailChimp’s list search and subscriber notes functionality. Now, when you view activity in your Twitter or Facebook streams in Hootsuite, you can hover over a follower’s avatar, search your MailChimp list for a matching subscriber and add a note to that subscriber’s profile in MailChimp.

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  • Developer: MailChimp
  • Updated: 09-19-2013

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