modMailchimp extra for Modx Revolution 2.2+

The modMailchimp extra for revolution will allow developers to place the modMailchimp snippet anywhere in their modx site they want users to sign up for a mailing list.

modMailchimp features: - refer to the documentation in the package for features.

This description was submitted by the integration’s developer. MailChimp lists available integrations for customer convenience only, and we don’t endorse or guarantee these services or products.

  • Developer: BigBlock Studios
  • Updated: 05-02-2013
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    When nothing is filled out in the form and it is submitted - the Lexicon error message appears but the form disappears - leaving no way to resubmit the data or fill out the form.

    Modx version: 2.2.8-pl Test snippet:
    [[!modMailchimp? &listId=xxxyyyzzz &mergeTags=EMAIL,FNAME,LNAME]]

    Please fix!! Thank you.