Run offers and Campaigns on your Website, Twitter or Facebook Page & auto-export participant emails to MailChimp.

Hmm.. how the heck does it work?

  1. Create a campaign through your Website, Facebook Page & MailChimp, we have over 20 different campaigns

  2. Use MailChimp integration to send emails promoting your campaign to your users.

  3. Users enter & a post is made to their Facebook Profile, or Twitter - giving you new reach to their entire social network. Alternatively you can create a email only campaign

  4. The campaign ends & all participant emails are exported to MailChimp

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  • Developer: Wishpond
  • Updated: 05-02-2013
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A Social Offer running on YYoga's Facebook Page.
A Social Offer running on YYoga's Facebook Page.

Offer Analytics
Offer Analytics

Export Emails to MailChimp
Export Emails to MailChimp

Send Offer to MailChimp List
Send Offer to MailChimp List


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    This campaign worked really well with Mailchimp. The ability to be able to segment the email is really good one.