Sparkbooth - MailChimp Enabled Photo Booth

Photo booth kiosk software for your special event. All you need is a computer, webcam, and Sparkbooth

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    John Wu Presents LLC
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    September 2013
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Sparkbooth makes it easy to create a dynamic party experience. Get crafty and make a DIY photo booth area for you and your guests. Have a blast taking photos while creating memorable keepsakes. Turn on MailChimp integration to collect names and emails for mailing list subscriptions.

Other features and benefits:

  • Simple setup. Just install on your computer with webcam, and that is it!

  • Easy-to-use full screen kiosk interface.

  • Select from a variety of 4-photo, 3-photo, or 1-photo layouts.

  • Add backgrounds or overlays to create a party favor to commemorate your special event.

  • Configurable. Setup Sparkbooth use keyboard, USB button, or touch screen.

  • Turn on automatic printing or just save photos to the hard drive.

  • Automatically share photos on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, tumblr, SmugMug, and others.

  • No internet during the event? Queues up photos to upload later when you do have internet.

  • Photo Album feature allows your guests to view, print, or share previous taken photos.

  • Touch screen controls so your guests can select the photo layout and photo color.

  • Voice prompts to guide your guests. Or customize with your own mp3s.

  • Customize on-screen messages for your event or language

  • Fun animated photo previews

  • Color, black and white, sepia, or toy camera photo output

  • Plus other customizable options to tweak to your needs

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Photo Booth Setup
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    roger lopez

    - 08/13/2012

    cant get application to work on 2 different laptops running widows7, adobe air 3.3

      roger lopez

      - 08/13/2012

      cant get application to work on 2 different laptops running widows7, adobe air 3.3