Add, remove, and edit MailChimp subscribers without leaving Gmail.

Shows your customer profiles from dozens of SaaS app when hovering over email Zenbox brings all of your customer tools with you anywhere on the web! Hover over any email and you'll see a complete customer profile pulled in from all of your tools.

Integrations only take a single click to get setup - no programming!

Integrates with many popular 3rd-party services: Salesforce, (formerly Assistly), Zendesk, Stripe, UserVoice, Parse, Google Docs, MailChimp, CSV Import, and more!

Or integrate your own custom data, via a simple URL-endpoint or our easy HTTP API in under 5 minutes.

For status and feature updates, follow us on twitter:

Integrations coming soon: PayPal, Highrise, HelloFax, Eventbrite, and more!

This description was submitted by the integration’s developer. MailChimp lists available integrations for customer convenience only, and we don’t endorse or guarantee these services or products.

  • Developer: Wishery
  • Updated: 05-02-2013
  • Rating:  

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  • 6e1a16739fe98cce905b6f5017c409de.png?

    Simon Pierce

    It's hard to believe this gadget is free. I have it integrated into my Google Apps account and have just gone through my emails adding contacts. Extremely simple, worked perfectly from the start. Love it!

  • 6e1a16739fe98cce905b6f5017c409de.png?

    Simon Pierce

    Hard to believe this gadget is free. Simple to install, easy to use and integrates beautifully into Gmail. Love it!

  • Ab1bc290ea1586004176e2bd1927ed1f.png?

    Tom Leavesley

    We run a small business and this is perfect, takes away the time consuming process of manually adding email addresses to mailchimp

  • 09cf3467fb2068fa400e494fc182989d.png?


    This app rocks, it has helped us build our list quickly and effectively.

  • 0f44e7f729bf18d402886f14101abe9f.png?

    Evan Madow

    Seems like a no-brainer to add frequent contacts to our mailing list. We're subscribing leads with whom we correspond witch such ease. AWESOME.

  • 22c133a6e23cc957e39649814866cce0.png?

    Brett Hardin

    One click management of mailchimp from within my mail client.

  • 79fb646b10a8d553133756488f727379.png?


    Installation process simple and fast; the app does what promise and I recommend it !!

  • Fa35f4fa17ffc427ec096f843000fb80.png?

    Patrick Aboagye

    Useful app for email marketing. I installed it and love it. Makes it easy for me to subscribe and unsubscribe email marketer contacts right from my google apps account.

  • 9fdadd04168845bc886bc09092acdb15.png?


    Can't say much more than GET THIS APP!

  • Abc9cb548f489e80ed72181fe38332fd.png?

    Kevin Melendez

    Very quick and painless install. One of those apps you didn't know you needed till you install it. Absolutely recommend it!

  • A1f277c698f848cbd0919e90a2a0725c.png?

    J Shrock

    I use this to unsubscribe when customers when they buy a product... so I don't spam them with unnecessary emails, very good product!

  • C92cee1f5e8869af4cef99dad9d4cebf.png?

    Guy Pearson

    So easy to install and a great tool to help you add emails to your marketing list.

  • 53f66237d3d01a1c98d5a99ddabcb9cf.png?


    This should be email list made easy for Dummies. Your program make list management 100% easier. I can truly focus on more important issues and market more effectively thanks to your product.

  • 7c88189bdab17ae8a05a5a689b2419a6.png?


    It made me feel tingly

  • B064a210668fdc60cd1260186e23a4ce.png?

    Richard B

    Works great so far. Thank you.

  • 333ec270fc93be9a85cc10dc085b578f.png?


    Works great, highly recommended. I had some issues with Wishery yesterday, and as soon as I sent mr. Cooper an email, I got a reply and he helped me solve the issue in no time. One of the best customer services I've ever experienced. And Wishery of course is a great great product, highly recommended.

  • 9f258e8f7cc836fefc5162eb002248de.png?


    Very stoked on this app. We use Shopify for our store and Google Apps for our email, etc and Wishery makes this a dream. My team can automatically add users to our mailing lists and groups in Mail Chimp and see order history in Shopify all without leaving Google Apps email platform.

    Only qwerk - which customer service ironed out immediately - was that users within Google Apps who I did not enable were prompted to "configure" Wishery at the bottom of their emails. This prompt disappears once clicked.

  • 35ff64b30317df9e8825c57edcfd1a80.png?


    This add-in for Gmail really makes managing a Mailchimp list so much easier. I find the MC interface somewhat lacking when I have to find a subscriber or update someone on the list. Great support, as well.

  • 49512f520088808441e38777ef43853d.png?

    Sara Marie Brenner

    The CEO, Cooper Marcus, actually does email you back when you send a note. Pretty great. This app saves us so much time - we've been using it for awhile now, and they have continued to improve it. No more exporting and importing of email addresses and lists. You can just add people as you email, right from Gmail.

  • 4aea6898577b099b21dd735cb0e413fa.png?

    Ed Neuhaus

    Yes really! The mailchimp integration is great. I love it. Just another step toward making my life easy again. I just wish all app developers were as responsive as Cooper. The world would be a much more connected place.

  • E24d1de7eb4846bf7a1b3015c7c81b53.png?

    Dan MCGaw

    This app is awesome! I use it everyday!

  • 15cf43412da6060a312f1690c4f202fd.png?

    Alexander Korte

    This gadget I love because I can choose which employee can or cannot improve our mailinglist within his Google Apps Email Account.

    On top if you send the wishery team a feature request its highly likely they implement it.

    Actually there is even an extra field within the tool were you can easily send a feature request to Marcus Cooper the CEO of wihsery.

  • 1bf61b9cdaaaa809d6489b21f395d155.png?


    This free app is worth a lot to a non-profit like us. Clever and smooth implementation. The CEO responds personally and is a man of his word - excellent!

  • 261bd1cbd6896c0bd3bbd4034de0e124.png?

    ze karlos

    excellent app!

  • 948d13d956a6bee05cc663a096abf9cd.png?


    The App is amaizing. Very Easy to use and very useful.

    5 Starts!!!

  • C288d31f4d75a87b1aa980e9df224df9.png?

    Kenny Macleod

    Awesome support from Cooper and his team. Wishery hunts emails for email addresses and then offers them up for info/subscribe/unsubscribe. The Pro version lets you populate MailChimp data directly from inside Gmail.

    Saves so much time and hassle by letting me stay within Gmail.


  • 37ef1bae4c65ac5e82870a74ed9af9f5.png?


    This app is very usefull and works perfectly !

  • 76b119e73d0bf3f3c977cfef7ed10029.png?

    Fazal Ashfaq

    Love the personal attention the CEO pays to any 'wish' you make and love the application too. Great stuff!

  • 0aa64f6ddd2716fc157f2e9955d8877e.png?


    No funciona el link

  • 16b305fcf6fcdb4efba15b42c3e6119f.png?


    No funciona el link not working the link