Easily add an email signup button to your Tumblr pages

This applet will create the HTML code you need to add to your Tumblr page to enable a newsletter signup button.

Once you provide your MailChimp API key, you can select which list to use. The applet then will output the HTML code you need to paste into the "Info" section of your tumblr page (screenshots below)

You can then set up an RSS-to-Email MailChimp campaign to automatically send out your new Tumblr posts via email.

You can easily access your Tumblr RSS feed by appending RSS, e.g. http://testpages.tumblr.com/rss


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  • Developer: MailChimp
  • Updated: 05-07-2013
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Example Button Display
Example Button Display

Info Section (where to copy and paste HTML)
Info Section (where to copy and paste HTML)


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    visitors will see a button that they can use to login in sign up to my mailchimp mailing list.

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    Kayol Hope

    In the top right-hand corner of my website I have the Newsletter button which only occasionally opens a lightbox/greybox popup for visitors to subscribe to my mailing list. However, the majority of the time it doesn't launch and simply appends "#mcembedsignup" to the URL.

    I've previously contacted my hosted mailing list provider, "MailChimp" along with "Chimplr" that developed the Tumblr Email Signup integration but both neither offered helpful support.

    Warm Regards,

    Kayol Hope http://kayolhope.me or http://kayolhope.tumblr.com