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The MailChimp plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a signup form for your MailChimp list.

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    October 2013
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After Installation, the setup page will guide you through entering your Login information, selecting your List from our Service, selecting options for the Merge Fields and Interest Groups you have setup, and then add the Widget to your site. The time from starting installation to have the form on your site should be less than 5 minutes - absolutely everything can be done via the WordPress Setting GUI - no file editing at all!

For more information: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mailchimp/

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    - 12/05/2011

    installed new update and messed up fields in subscriber box. I am trying to roll back to 1.2.4. DON'T UPGRADE if things are working well for you

    Jens Peter

    - 12/08/2011

    Is it possible to create more than one signup widget ? I've got 2 lists and want the users to pick a single list to signup to. How can I do this ?


    - 01/05/2012

    If anyone needs support with the integration, you can submit a request directly to the wordpress forum (top menu) Check it out: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mailchimp/


    - 01/06/2012

    Mailchimp offers a fantastic opportunity for our non-profit to keep in touch with its members. And this widget works a treat for making it easy for new members to sign up. Have had very few problems for the past year or so, despite updating regularly.


    - 03/04/2012

    be ware - this addon just prevented me from getting in the admin until I manually deleted it


    - 03/14/2013

    when I add mail chimp widget to my side bar i loose linkage to my short code buttons and the subscription button in mail chimp. I am using WP 3.5.1


    - 06/18/2013

    I just installed and activated this plugin but it conflicted with my nivo slider and made it disappear.

    It looked very basic and not pretty, so I will look for another one.


    - 06/29/2013

    Works very well, and it has increased our sign-ups radically in the past months.

    However, it's not entirely spambot proof it seems, as we have had some weird emails signing up and domains that are usually not related to the type of content we serve. Would be good to add an optional captcha or so.


    - 07/12/2013

    Working on www.marcelarosemberg.com and would like to add this form to the actual contact page. Anyone know how I can do this?



    - 07/18/2013

    How can I go back to he previous version?


    - 07/21/2013

    Someone made a follow button plugin for feedburner... can Mailchimp guys do that?


    - 08/22/2013

    I have created a list mailchimp and a sinup form. But when I past the code of my sinup form in the page of my site, it appears as text.

    How can I do for obtening my sinup form in the page of my site ?

    Thank you.

    by Lwamba

    Sam Dixon

    - 10/17/2013

    Prevented parts of my wordpress theme from working properly until I uninstalled it.



    - 10/24/2013

    This is a great plugin, but the link to update your profile if someone is already subscribed is broken. Not sure if it is something on my end or mailchimps? :/


    - 10/24/2013

    I found that the reason my update your profile link isn't working is that the url adds an apostrophe, which I can't figure out how to not include that since I can't edit the plugin.

    Jason R. Coleman

    - 01/10/2014

    zero stars

    The Wordpress integration widget sign up form blew my entire website up. Luckily removing the widget from the side bar again corrected the problem.

    Good that my website is back to normal.

    Bad that I can't use this signup form.


    - 03/19/2014

    J'adore ce plug in pour wordpress.


    - 07/05/2014

    I just set up mailchimp for my website.

    I was going to leave a super amazing review about how wonderful it was, but then people would think I was just a fake review on your site.

    So instead, I've decided to come here to tell you guys "just thumbs up."

    You have done an amazing job and I'm extremely appreciative of your hard work! Thanks so much MailChimp peoples, this is a wonderful product!


    - 11/13/2014

    Used this integration but after logging it says I don't have lists created even if I have.