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MailChimp integrates with the web services you already use, so you can easily sync your data, import content from other sources, and get reports on how your newsletters are impacting your business.

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Seamlessly integrate MailChimp with your Kindful database. Connect with supporters and track donor data in one place. FREE

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AddThis for MailChimp

Acquire more email addresses on your site through AddThis’s website marketing and personalization tools. FREE

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Create personalized campaigns by uniting MailChimp subscriber data with web, mobile, and social data, in real time.

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Privy: Email List Growth and Conversion Analytics

Grow your list with Privy! Use our tools to grow your list from your website, social media, mobile, and in-store. FREE

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Our Integrations Directory lists more than 700 integrations that help you connect MailChimp with the applications you use to run your business. Collections make it easier to find the top integrations for platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Salesforce and more.

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With more than $2 billion in total sales, BigCommerce it easy to set up an online store. BigCommerce's platform connects with a number of marketing solutions, so moving data between BigCommerce...


Want to create a website but you’re not a CSS or HTML master? Squarespace has you covered with a site builder that's great for CSS veterans and rookies alike. Their built-in contact form...

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MailChimp for Salesforce

Manage MailChimp subscribers from Salesforce leads, contacts and list views.

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Create a referral program and easily sync your communication with Ambassadors with MailChimp!

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Social Toolbar PRO

Boost signups on your website by embedding your MailChimp email sign-up within a persistent toolbar across your website.

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MailChimp Module2

Display the sign-up form you create in your MailChimp account natively on your Joomla site. Supports Joomla 3. FREE

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Make Your Enterprise MailChimp Account Social

Find your MailChimp contacts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Use social data for email targeting for lists of 25K+

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Setmore Integration

Automatically adds a new subscriber to MailChimp list, when a new customer books an appointment with you using SetMore.

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ShopSite MailChimp Integration

Automatically subscribe customers who place orders using the ShopSite Ecommerce software.

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Templated payment emails from Stripe

Start sending beautifully templated payment notifications in minutes, with Stripe, sendwithus, and Mandrill.

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SugarCRM integration

The best way to keep your MailChimp list up-to-date and to access your campaign feedbacks in your SugarCRM.

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Donor Tools

Keep your Donor Tools database in sync with MailChimp. Connect with your constituents and send your email campaigns.

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GoChime SYNC

SYNC your MailChimp email lists to Facebook with GoChime to reach your customers and even more just like them.

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Appforma automated marketing for MailChimp

Increase sales and expand your contact list with promotions, advertising, social posting and loyalty activities.

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iClassPro Class Management Software

Web based class management and marketing software for the gym industry. Sync members to your MailChimp list.

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Lifecycle Emails with and Mandrill

Mandrill can deliver mail for your account. Email people based on how they use your app.

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Drupal Email Marketing Framework

Email Marketing Framework supports multiple lists and synchronization.

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Gmail to MailChimp

Talk to new or existing customers in Gmail. Add them to MailChimp lists with one Click?

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