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MailChimp integrates with the web services you already use, so you can easily sync your data, import content from other sources, and get reports on how your newsletters are impacting your business.

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EA Pro Reports

EA Pro Reports gives users access to enhanced reporting capabilities for advanced aggregate and comparison reporting!

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Make Your Enterprise MailChimp Account Social

Find your MailChimp contacts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Use social data for email targeting for lists of 25K+

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Philantro Donor Integration

Sync donor data between Philantro and MailChimp. FREE

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Seamlessly integrate MailChimp with your Kindful database. Connect with supporters and track donor data in one place. FREE

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Our Integrations Directory lists more than 800 integrations that help you connect MailChimp with the applications you use to run your business. Collections make it easier to find the top integrations for platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Salesforce and more.

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Wordpress Twitter Magento Facebook Salesforce


Want to create a website but you’re not a CSS or HTML master? Squarespace has you covered with a site builder that's great for CSS veterans and rookies alike. Their built-in contact form...


If WordPress is your CMS of choice (as it is for some 60 million people), you've probably noticed there's no shortage of MailChimp plugins. This Collection features a few we've tested ourselves....

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Automatically sync contacts from AmeriCommerce to your MailChimp list.

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serviceminder by acuere software

serviceminder helps the service business owner generate more revenue, cut costs and saves effort.

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LeadDyno Referral Tracking

LeadDyno helps you setup a referral program, and sync your new opt-in contacts with your MailChimp list(s).

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vBulletin 4.x with Mailchimp

Integrate most powerful Bulletin Board (vBulletin) with Mailchimp

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Moodle block for MailChimp integration

Allows people to sign up for MailChimp via Moodle block. It also does synchronisation with a profile field.

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ClickTale integration

Optimize your campaigns & site usability based on how your customers engage with your site after clicking on your email.

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Summit Evergreen

Connect your existing email list to your course, tracking prospects who make a purchase.

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MailChimp List Segmentation

Automatically copy MailChimp list subscribers to different MailChimp lists based on filters you choose. FREE

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Sync your guest database with a MailChimp list

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If you use Salesforce then this is the tool for you. Sync Salesforce campaigns, contacts, leads to MailChimp and back.

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Ronin Integration

The easiest way to add Ronin contacts to a mailing list. FREE

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MailChimp's Facebook integration makes it easy to add a signup form to your Facebook page. FREE

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Neon CRM

Send any constituent data from Neon CRM to MailChimp as a mailing list. Push custom data, transactions, account data.

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Integrates MailChimp with OSCommerce

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Off-Campus Student Accommodation

StudyStays is web-based software for managing an off-campus housing service.

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Upshot Commerce Integration

The integration allows bi-directional sync between MailChimp and the Upshot Commerce CRM tools.

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