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MailChimp integrates with the web services you already use, so you can easily sync your data, import content from other sources, and get reports on how your newsletters are impacting your business.

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Power BI

Power BI allows you to easily monitor and visualize your MailChimp data. FREE

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Drupal MailChimp and Mandrill Integration

API integration, list synchronization, subscription forms, campaign creation, and sending site emails via Mandrill.

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Instantly connect and bring marketing automation to ProsperWorks with MailChimp integration.

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Gleam Capture

The smartest way to build your email list. Build beautiful opt-in forms that popup to the right user at the right time. FREE

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Our Integrations Directory lists more than 700 integrations that help you connect MailChimp with the applications you use to run your business. Collections make it easier to find the top integrations for platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Salesforce and more.

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You're already connecting with your audience through email and social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. While MailChimp has built-in integrations for sharing your...


Sync and share information between MailChimp and the applications you use to manage relationships with your key stakeholders, then track donations, throw events, and sell tickets.

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ProductCart v3 and v4 add-on provides seamless integration with MailChimp.

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Automatically add incoming emails from your audience, every time you run an evaluation after a talk or at a conference.

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Webs Signup Form

Place a MailChimp signup form directly onto your Webs website using their custom HTML tools.

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Ticketscript provides events with a plug & play online ticketshop for ticket sales from your website & Facebook fanpage

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MailChimp Integration with

Collect leads and build your mailing list through free interactive multimedia guides on FREE

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Qualaroo for MailChimp

Build your list with Qualaroo for MailChimp

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Glew.™ Empowers Marketers to Take Action, Increase Team Efficiency and Maximize Revenue. FREE

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Grow your email list by automatically exporting your customer’s contact details and sales data. FREE

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ChimpChamp Subscribe for WordPress

ChimpChamp Subscribe for WordPress allows you to do advanced things when someone subscribes to your list.

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CommerceV3 Integration

Connect CommerceV3 MailChimp: Segment, Personalize, & Automate by Purchase History

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Cratejoy Integration

Connect your MailChimp account to Cratejoy so new subscribers get added to an e-mail list for marketing.

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Canopy Labs - personalize your marketing

Centralize your customer data and use predictive analytics to build segments and personalize your marketing.

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MailChimp TextMate Bundle

The MailChimp TextMate Bundle allows you to Connect to MailChimp and code Templates and Campaigns.

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ZootRock Overlay Signups for MailChimp

Acquire more email addresses from sharing relevant third party content on Social Media.

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mailchimp integration for omniauth

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Real Estate Lead Management

Create drips and campaigns with Follow Up Boss, a Real Estate Lead Management & CRM that puts ALL leads into one system

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