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MailChimp integrates with the web services you already use, so you can easily sync your data, import content from other sources, and get reports on how your newsletters are impacting your business.

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Offer fans a simple way to preview your music and download it in exchange for joining your MailChimp list.

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MailChimp Subscribe

Collect email addresses in person at a storefront or conference with MailChimp Subscribe. FREE

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Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin allows you to integrate Easy Digital Downloads purchasers straight on to a MailChimp mailing list.

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CASH Music

The CASH Music platform is a set of open source digital tools designed to solve real problems for working musicians.

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Our Integrations Directory lists more than 800 integrations that help you connect MailChimp with the applications you use to run your business. Collections make it easier to find the top integrations for platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Salesforce and more.

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Want to create a website but you’re not a CSS or HTML master? Squarespace has you covered with a site builder that's great for CSS veterans and rookies alike. Their built-in contact form...


Few storefronts do e-commerce better than Shopify. The 60,000—and growing—Shopify users know how important it is to maintain a relationship with their customers. Sync your customers as MailChimp...

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NPS by AskNicely

Automate your entire Net Promoter Score process in two minutes. FREE

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Filament - Drag & drop MailChimp subscriber forms

Drag & drop MailChimp forms onto your website pages. Say goodbye to messing with around with code snippets!

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Socket: Online Quoting Software

Instant online sales quoting system for your website that funnels new leads into MailChimp.

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Artifax Event

Automatically synchronise MailChimp list subscriber details with Artifax Event using this free integration. FREE

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40Nuggets for MailChimp

User-friendly intelligent popup windows that will get more opt-ins on your website.

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Shopify eCommerce360 Integration

Connect Shopify to MailChimp; Analyze your eCommerce Data; and Automate your Retention Marketing.

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Zapier is the easiest way to connect MailChimp with hundreds of the best-in-breed web services. FREE

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Inkbrush by Movable Ink

Inkbrush, by Movable Ink, is an email design and coding tool. Create fully responsive, email ready HTML faster than ever FREE

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MailChimp's Facebook integration makes it easy to add a signup form to your Facebook page. FREE

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KingSumo Giveaways for WordPress

Grow your email list through Viral Giveaways

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Embedded Feedback

Embed feedback questions in your campaigns that only take a single click to answer.

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DialMyCalls + MailChimp = SMS & Voice Broadcasting

Now you can easily send automated phone calls & text messages to your MailChimp opt-in list. FREE

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Blogger Signup Form

Place a MailChimp signup form directly onto your Blogger site using their embed tools.

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IgnitionDeck Commerce

Easily assign IgnitionDeck customers to your MailChimp list, with segment for most recent product, and 'free' segment. FREE

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JAC Website Builder + MailChimp Integration

The Just Add Content (JAC) website builder integrates with MailChimp to add new leads and subscribers to your lists.

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UCare - Church Management

Sync people and interest groups between UCare and MailChimp

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