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SimpleChurch will sync one or more of your groups with a mailing list in MailChinp. FREE

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MediaBuilder 4 MailChimp

Move images from social media into the MailChimp file manager. FREE

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Lytics is the customer data platform built for marketers. Connect your marketing data and create behavior-rich segments.

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SQL Server Integration by Skyvia

Automate your MailChimp and SQL Server integration in few clicks with Skyvia. Sign up for free! FREE

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ZohoCRM by PieSync

With PieSync, every contact you add in Zoho CRM automatically gets added or updated in MailChimp, and vice versa.

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HappyMetrix Dashboards makes it possible for you to monitor your campaigns and lists in a clean and clear dashboard.

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Zoho CRM Extension

Email marketing information for salespeople, using MailChimp for Zoho CRM. FREE

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Power BI

Power BI allows you to easily monitor and visualize your MailChimp data. FREE

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ChimpChamp Subscribe for WordPress

ChimpChamp Subscribe for WordPress allows you to do advanced things when someone subscribes to your list. FREE

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Updentity Opt-in Assistant

Use the Updentity Opt-in Assistant to opt-in the new, updated email addresses provided by Updentity into MailChimp.

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MailChimp Vtiger Integration

Bidirectionally connect Vtiger CRM and MailChimp. No need to juggle between applications to get your things done.

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Starboard Suite

Tour operators using our reservation system to manage their bookings can sync email addresses to MailChimp in real-time FREE

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SalesUp! CRM

Importa a todos tus prospectos y clientes de SalesUp! en segundos y detona el poder del email con MailChimp. FREE

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Publish a high-converting landing page online, and use it to build your MailChimp email list in less than five minutes.

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Gleam Capture

The smartest way to build your email list. Build beautiful opt-in forms that popup to the right user at the right time. FREE

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SalesforceIQ by PieSync

With PieSync, every contact you add in SalesforceIQ automatically gets added or updated in MailChimp, and vice versa.

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