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GoToWebinar Integration

Use Zapier to easily connect GoToWebinar attendees and registrants to your MailChimp lists. FREE

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Event Espresso Integration

The MailChimp addon allows you to auto-register attendees to a selected mailing list within MailChimp.

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1&1 Integration by OneSaas

Automatically sync contacts from 1&1 to your MailChimp list.

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Make Your Enterprise MailChimp Account Social

Find your MailChimp contacts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Use social data for email targeting for lists of 25K+

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Integrate CloudCart with MailChimp

Integrate your online store from CloudCart with MailChimp and segment your users by, orders, products, amount, etc.

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Webby MailChimp Intergration For Opencart

Super Simple Feature Rich MailChimp Intergration for Opencart. Support Ecomm360 and Auto Sycn With MailChimp List

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Heyo Social Campaign Builder

Sync any Heyo template to a MailChimp account. Contacts and leads will seamlessly import to the list of your choosing.

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Thumb 1390 1390 fb logo create campaign

Create survey/quiz campaign in MailChimp with one click

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Flow XO

Everything you need to create and manage bots. FREE

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Sellsy - Online invoicing and CRM software

Sellsy is an online CRM and invoicing system. Integration offers full sync of Sellsy contacts to MailChimp.

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MailChimp Marketing for PrestaShop

Sync PrestaShop customer data with MailChimp, including past & future ecommerce data, automatically.

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Qualaroo for MailChimp

Build your list with Qualaroo for MailChimp

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Save time managing your contact, customer data by integrating MailChimp with your Volusion store. Try 2 weeks, free!

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Freshbooks by PieSync

With PieSync, every contact you add in Freshbooks automatically gets added or updated in MailChimp, and vice versa.

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Offer fans a simple way to preview your music and download it in exchange for joining your MailChimp list.

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Online Appointment Scheduling

Transfers email addresses from the Appointmind database to a MailChimp mailing list. FREE

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