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Track your business proposals and boost your follow up, by forecasting sales in MailChimp

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LiveAgent Help Desk Software

One-click subscribe contacts into MailChimp email lists in your LiveAgent. FREE

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Bidirectional transparent integration/synchronization/bridge of WordPress plugin S2Member with MailChimp FREE

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Easily add signup forms for your MailChimp lists to your website using the MailChimp plugin. FREE

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ExpressionEngine extension for the third party module Freeform that adds subscribers to MailChimp subscriber lists.

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Eventbrite Integration and Sync

Sync Eventbrite attendees to MailChimp instantly. No more import and export. FREE

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Get to know your customers with a Perkville reward program, connected automatically with your MailChimp Lists!

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FotoZap: Photo Sharing for Brands

Capture branded photos of your event guests and customers. Grow your MailChimp lists and create social media sharing.

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Cloudpipes is a workflow automation service connecting MailChimp to hundreds of cloud applications.

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Accumulus Subscription / Recurring Billing

Automate and manage the complexities of a subscription-based business. PCI compliant. All the bells and whistles!

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Unbounce Landing Pages

Easily send business contacts gathered on your landing pages directly to MailChimp. FREE

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Liquid - Personalization & Analytics

Easily send custom lists of emails from your customers to MailChimp.

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Google Contacts & MailChimp Sync

Keep MailChimp Subscribers and Google Contacts in sync all the time. No more import and export. FREE

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Text to Join

Tatango allows your customers to join your MailChimp email newsletter by simply sending a text message.

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Blackbaud - The Raiser's Edge

Seamlessly integrates The Raiser's Edge with MailChimp to give charities better e-marketing and cleaner data.

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Capsule CRM Integration

Connect Capsule CRM and MailChimp through Zapier to automatically manage mailing lists and populate your CRM FREE

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