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Just the Facts

Just the Facts delivers your key business metrics to your Inbox every day.

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Paywhirl Recurring Payments

Add subscribers to a MailChimp list automatically when they subscribe to your PayWhirl account. FREE

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Insightly MailChimp Integration

Insightly is the easiest CRM solution to use for managing deep customer relationships which integrates with MailChimp.

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Ronin Integration

Manage MailChimp list members from new clients on Ronin, or add new Ronin contacts as subscribers. FREE

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Shopify Integration by Zapier

Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe MailChimp list members from Shopify events or subscribe new customers. FREE

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DialMyCalls + MailChimp = SMS & Voice Broadcasting

Now you can easily send automated phone calls & text messages to your MailChimp opt-in list. FREE

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Bullhorn CRM Integration

CRM which empowers recruiting agencies to manage the full life-cycle of their sales process—all connected to MailChimp.

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Take Your Newsletters to a New Level with Batchbook, the CRM for MailChimp

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Google Sheets

Add MailChimp subscribers/unsubscribers from Google Sheets rows or send them to a spreadsheet when they sign up. FREE

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Dasheroo - Free Business Dashboards!

View MailChimp reports with data from other apps like Google Analytics all in an easy-to-use, free business dashboard FREE

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Event Ticketing and Promotion

Use MailChimp Automations to stay in touch with your attendees and to create "ticket buyer buzz" around your event. FREE

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Google Contacts Sync

Sync Subscribers to Google Contacts automatically. No more exports and imports. FREE

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G Suite Integration by Skyvia

Automate your MailChimp and G Suite integration in few clicks with Skyvia. Sign up for free! FREE

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EA Pro Reports

EA Pro Reports gives users access to enhanced reporting capabilities for advanced aggregate and comparison reporting!

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PowerMailChimp forMicrosoft Dynamics 365

PowerMailChimp connects the robust & affordable email platform, MailChimp, with Dynamics 365. Try it free for 30 days!

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BombBomb by PieSync

With PieSync, every contact you add in BombBomb automatically gets added or updated in MailChimp, and vice versa.

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