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Eventbrite Integration and Sync

Sync Eventbrite attendees to MailChimp instantly. No more import and export. FREE

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SpruceMail - Automated Facebook Advertising

SpruceMail automatically converts your MailChimp email campaigns into profitable Facebook ads.

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Combine your MailChimp data with your other KPIs to monitor the performance of your business at a glance.

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Unbounce Landing Pages

Easily send business contacts gathered on your landing pages directly to MailChimp. FREE

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Sleeknote is a lead-generation tool that allows you to create opt-in forms that convert your visitors into subscribers. FREE

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QuickBooks Integration by Skyvia

Automate your MailChimp and QuickBooks integration in few clicks with Skyvia. Sign up for free! FREE

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Microsoft Dynamics Online, On-premise, 4.0 and 365

Marketing automation for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dynamics sales folks and MailChimp marketing folks.

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MonkeyData is the best analytics app for your online store. Get the statistics of all your sales channels in one place. FREE

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Segma - dynamic email lists for MailChmp

Segma is the world’s first customer engagement tracking tool, designed exclusively around email.

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Connect Gmail to MailChimp

Add a new contact to MailChimp with just a click - without leaving your Gmail inbox! FREE

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalize every MailChimp email interaction with dynamic personalized product recommendations

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Google Sheets Integration

No more manual import and exports. Automatically Backup MailChimp Subscribers to a Google Spreadsheet and do much more. FREE

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SQL Azure Integration by Skyvia

Automate your MailChimp and SQL Azure integration in few clicks with Skyvia. Sign up for free! FREE

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ClickDroid is a Business Dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place. FREE

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Get real-time notifications in Skarpline of what is happening in your MailChimp lists. FREE

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Neon CRM

Integrates MailChimp with Neon CRM, so you can engage your supporters and keep all of your data in one place.

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