Review your campaign reports, audience growth, campaign engagement, e-commerce performance, and more. Better data means better decisions.


With more than $2 billion in total sales, BigCommerce makes it easy to set up an online store. BigCommerce's platform connects with a number of marketing solutions, so moving data between...


Give your marketing efforts a boost. These integrations will help you sync your customer data between MailChimp and your customer relationship management software.


Drupal is an open source CMS that's geared toward power users who want lots of customization. High-profile sites like and build with Drupal, so it's no surprise that this...


With an ever-growing product list, Google is much more than just a search engine. Gmail, Drive, Google Apps, and Google Analytics are requirements for many collaborative businesses. While MailChimp...


Keep your customers engaged by offering rewards programs. With these integrations, you can run contests, offer promotions, and incentivize people to share your content across their channels.


More than 150,000 businesses use Magento for e-commerce. MailChimp's integrations help you create smarter email campaigns based on your subscriber's purchase history....


Salesforce offers users a way to keep in touch with their contacts and generate new leads. Part of keeping in touch could mean sending targeted emails from your MailChimp account. Getting data...


Few storefronts do e-commerce better than Shopify. The 60,000—and growing—Shopify users know how important it is to maintain a relationship with their customers. Sync your customers as MailChimp...

SMS Messaging

Whether you need to send a quick text to customers or communicate with event attendees in real-time, these integrations will help you incorporate SMS messaging into MailChimp.


Social media can be a valuable tool for marketers. These integrations will help you grow your list, share your content, and advertise to your subscribers on their preferred social networks.


Want to create a website but you’re not a CSS or HTML master? Squarespace has you covered with a site builder that's great for CSS veterans and rookies alike. Their built-in contact form...

Subscription Management

Design your signup form so it suits your brand. Target site visitors to keep the conversation going outside of email. Set up gorgeous, effective landing pages. These integrations will help you...


If WordPress is your CMS of choice, you’ve probably noticed there’s no shortage of MailChimp plugins available. This collection features a few we’ve tested ourselves. They’ll allow you to add a...


Need help keeping track of tickets or offering user support? Zendesk can help you keep up with user requests. These integrations let you manage your subscriptions with just a few clicks, or even...


Make the most of your e-commerce data. When you connect your store to MailChimp, you can track visitors, capture order information, and pass it all back to your MailChimp account. As you learn more...


Turn your fans into subscribers. Share and promote your music, tour dates, and more.


Sync and share information between MailChimp and the applications you use to manage relationships with your key stakeholders, then track donations, throw events, and sell tickets.


Cazoomi enables business applications to talk to your MailChimp account using SyncApps®.


PieSync connects with a variety of platforms, offering a two-way sync between MailChimp and a variety of other applications and services


Skyvia offers multiple ways to connect, backup, and integrate all of your data sources with MailChimp. Whether you're wanting to sync a PostgreSQL database, pull contacts in from your Salesforce...


Vextras connects MailChimp to a variety of ecommerce platforms, helping you sync orders and send follow-up emails to your customers.

Windsor Circle

Windsor Circle helps MailChimp users grow ecommerce superpowers. WindsorCircle will analyze sales data to help evaluate win back campaigns, customer churn, and product recommendations to drive...


Zapier makes it easy to connect MailChimp hundreds of other web apps so you can easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.