Review your campaign reports, audience growth, campaign engagement, e-commerce performance, and more. Better data means better decisions.

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Display MailChimp campaign stats on a real-time business dashboard.

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HappyMetrix Dashboards makes it possible for you to monitor your campaigns and lists in a clean and clear dashboard.

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Import event data about the people who saw, opened, and clicked through your MailChimp email campaigns.

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LeadDyno Referral Tracking

LeadDyno helps you setup a referral program, and sync your new opt-in contacts with your MailChimp list(s).

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Easy-to-use business dashboards allows MailChimp users to track key metrics, inspire your team and make better decisions

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EA Pro Reports

EA Pro Reports gives users access to enhanced reporting capabilities for advanced aggregate and comparison reporting!

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Google Analytics

Automatically adds tracking tags and then displays results in MailChimp campaign reports

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Combine your MailChimp data with your other KPIs to monitor the performance of your business at a glance.

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Power BI

Power BI allows you to easily monitor and visualize your MailChimp data. FREE

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Dasheroo - Free Business Dashboards!

View MailChimp reports with data from other apps like Google Analytics all in an easy-to-use, free business dashboard FREE

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Glew Ecommerce Analytics

Glew helps you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers and optimize product strategy. FREE

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Gleam Competitions

Run engaging competitions & automatically send entrants to any MailChimp list.

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