SMS Messaging

Whether you need to send a quick text to customers or communicate with event attendees in real-time, these integrations will help you incorporate SMS messaging into MailChimp.

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Add SMS to your MailChimp List

Opt-in mobile numbers via MailChimp lists, sync them with a Burst list to send SMS campaigns.

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SMS and Text Message Marketing

Seamless one click integration to synchronize your subscriber lists between MailChimp and SimpleTexting.

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DialMyCalls + MailChimp = SMS & Voice Broadcasting

Now you can easily send automated phone calls & text messages to your MailChimp opt-in list. FREE

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Plug-in to SMS with MailChimp

Enable people to subscribe to your lists and send and receive SMS to and from contacts, all from your MailChimp account.

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SMS Marketing & Voice Broadcasting

Call Loop makes it easy to capture emails through text messaging to send both sms text messages and voice broadcasts. FREE

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