How-To Article: Email Aptitude's Pro Reports for MailChimp

Connecting your MailChimp account with Email Aptitude

Email Aptitude's Pro Reports integration takes the reporting data from your MailChimp campaigns and allows you to dig in and break things down on a granular level based on whatever criteria you choose. When signing up, Email Apititude will prompt you for a MailChimp API key to connect your account with their service.

MailChimp API Key

If you change your mind later, you can always reconnect your account with a different API key under the "Account Setitngs" tab in your Email Aptitude account.

Change or update your API Key

Once you're logged in to Email Aptitude's dashboard, you'll see all of your EA apps listed on your dashboard. Click to launch the Pro Reports app.

Launch Pro Reports

Building your custom reports

On your first run through of Pro Reports, you'll be given a guided tour explaining what each section does, including their custom report compare.

Email Aptitude offers a tour

With Pro Reports, you can filter down on specific campaigns based on dates, campaign names, and subject lines. You can also sort the available campaigns by clicking on the applicable headings. You can sort based on emails sent, revenue generated, and conversion rate, among other options. One of the coolest features Email Aptitude offers is the ability to group specific campaigns together to give you some aggregate metrics. You can even save these campaigns to a group for quick review.

To create a custom category, click on the checkboxes next to the individual campaigns and then click the "tag" icon in the top right corner of the report dashbaord. You'll be able to assign a name to the categories and save that group for later use.

Add your campaigns to a custom category

After adding the campaigns to a specific category, you can use that name to quickly recall that specific group of campaigns for review.

Search through the available tags

Side by side report compare

Email Aptitude's Pro Reports also offer the ability to compare specific campaign reports, side by side (by side)! You can select up to three campaigns to compare by selecting the checkbox next to the campaign name.


Click on the "Compare" button in the top right of the report table and you'll be taken to the side by side report to compare the summary statistics of two reports. You'll be able to see open rates, click rates, ecommerce orders, and other metrics, as well.

Side by side comparison