How-To Article: LaunchEffect Theme for WordPress


Launch Effect is desigend to let you connect a signup form for WordPress directly to their MailChimp list. Launch Effect can be downloaded for free from their website. The theme will then need to be uploaded to WordPress using any of the supported methods. To choose the Launch Effect theme, from the WordPress dashboard click on "Appearance" then choose "Theme." Launch Effect can then be activated as one of the installed themes.

Launch Effect can be activated as one of the installed themes

Connect to MailChimp

After installing and activating Launch Effect, there will be a new option that appears on the dashboard:

Launch Effect now appears as an option in the navigation menu

From the Launch Effect menu, choose "Integrations." MailChimp should be the first option listed on this page. To integrate with MailChimp, a valid MailChimp API Key will be needed. Click "Apply" to select the list to add new subscribers to and then click the blue "Save Changes" button.

A valid MailChimp API Key will be needed

Any new signups using the Launch Effect form will not only be synced to MailChimp, but can also be viewed in WordPress as well. To view these subscribers, click on the "Stats" tab from the Launch Effect menu:

New subscribers can also be viewed within WordPress

Launch Effect will sync not only subscribers, but also any conversion data to MailChimp.