3dcart for Mailchimp with eCommerce360

Keep your newsletter subscribers, customers and orders in sync. Supports ecommerce segmentation and ecommerce360.

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    May 2013
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3dcart increases revenue for online merchants by sharing the data from your online store with MailChimp. The integration with your 3dcart store gives instant access to customers and orders information so that you can take advantage of the personalization and targeting capabilities from MailChimp.

3dcart to MailChimp integration automatically gathers customer purchase history data to create targeted customer segments in your MailChimp account.

  • Sync existing newsletter subscribers.
  • Mailing List box updates subscribes and unsubscribes to Mailchimp.
  • Sync Customers with Mailchimp, including contact details, customer groups and affiliate status.
  • Enable eCommerce Segmentation to send campaigns based Products purchased, order amount, location, etc.
  • MailChimp eCommerce360 functionality to track conversions on campaigns.
  • Integration with Mandrill SMTP for transaction emails.

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