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User-friendly intelligent popup windows that will get more opt-ins on your website.

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Conversion Optimization

Are you looking to grow your website's conversion rates while respecting your user experience? 40Nuggets allows you to instantly deploy high-converting lightboxes (what we call Nuggets) that are customizable, targeted, and user-sensitive. Use 40Nuggets to quickly grow your mailing list and turn more of your traffic into leads.

Some of the highlights: * Upload your own designs for popups or choose from high-converting from templates * Target by site-visitor behavior, language, traffic source, demographic data (like household income), location, and more * Run A/B tests automatically * Multi-step campaigns so you can show site-visitors a different offer the next time they return * Powerful personalized algorithmic timing adjust to visitor profiles * Lead notifications can be sent directly to your email and easily passed to MailChimp lists and segments * Loads asynchronously on your site so it won't slow down the page * Can work on any website via a code-pixel (like Google Analytics). If you're using WordPress you can use the 40Nuggets WordPress plugin at the plugin marketplace * Free and premium plans to suit your needs

Target Smart

Nuggets are intelligent popups--delivered as user-friendly lightboxes--that will grow your mailing list, drive leads to sales, and achieve other business goals.

40Nuggets stands out in the space because it provides you advanced segmentation tools that allow you to customize messages to specific pages, specific visitors types, and more. It goes beyond, putting algorithmic intelligence at your finger tips: your popup's timing will be adapted to the behavior of each and every user, giving you a huge competitive-advantage in conversions, while preserving the customer experience of your site. Moreover, nuggets comes with a unique A/B testing platform--the test is managed automatically--so that you will always be a improving. Nuggets come in different shapes with ready made customizable themes - and you can also upload your own design!

Make Your Marketing Worth More

Don't take it from us, take it from some of the small and medium businesses that are quickly growing their conversions rates on their website. Nuggets can grow your conversion rate by up to 40%, and your total conversions by 100%. Nuggets don't use only one way of timing offers, like exit-intent, but chooses the best timing for every situation.

Here is a video case study with an independent insurance company and here's one with an online SaaS provider. Here are some more testimonials:

"We're a self-made business and make every marketing dollar count. We switched to 40Nuggets from another technology and saw a 500% growth in lead conversions...this translated into thousands of dollars to our monthly top-line."

-Rich from IXACT Contact, a CRM for Real Estate Agents

"As soon as we signed up I noticed we were getting more leads...I would highly recommend 40Nuggets to any of my friends looking to get more leads...but not my competitors :-).

-Keith at MTIEquipment, a heavy equipment company

"Switching to 40Nuggets helped us grow our on-site conversions both mobile and desktop, leading to a strong increase in revenue. It's an absolutely worthwhile product and you'll love their support team."

-Ofri at H-Mall, a Global eCommerce Company

Features and Advanced Tools

Here are some of 40Nuggets features:

  1. Target visitors based on behavior and referral source, such as paid, social, loyal, new, etc.

  2. Target visitors based on geography, timing, URL specific segments.

  3. Target visitors as they exit-your website, or use fixed-time or 40Nuggets dynamic timing.

  4. Target based on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, or allow 40Nuggets to opitmize for user-device

  5. Target based on demographic data like household income and more

  6. Choose from a library of beautiful nugget templates that are customizable

  7. A/B testing

  8. Lead notifications can be sent to a sales team upon conversion

  9. Easy to use dashboard where you can also see the activity of each converted lead on your website

  10. Advanced capabilities include webhooks, full CSS/HTML/JS control of nuggets

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