Add SMS to your MailChimp List

Opt-in mobile numbers via MailChimp lists, sync them with a Burst list to send SMS campaigns.

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Use our easy to set up list sync to create a link between a MailChimp list and a Burst SMS list. The exisiting list will be imported and and newly added contacts will be synced automatically.

The sync is currently a one way list synchronisation only between MailChimp -> Burst SMS

Burst SMS includes built in country level number validation so the mobile number in your MailChimp record does not need to be in any specific format to be synced.

Our service is available for:

Australia New Zealand Singapore United Kingdom United States

Costs for SMS vary depending on country. Review local websites for details.

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    Indigo Family


    The only SMS service we could get to work in AUSTRALIA. It's not cheap at around 9 cents per SMS but it does work. The interface could do with a bit of a facelift, but it is clear and intuitive and we could work it 'straight out of the box' so to speak. Recommended if you are located in the Land Down Under.