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Send your MailChimp campaigns from your Student CRM using existing marketing lists and pull your statistics back in.

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Achiever Education Software (AES) & MailChimp Integration

Send your MailChimp campaigns from your Student Management CRM using existing CRM marketing lists and pull your statistics back in

Best of breed Student Management & CRM Solution (AES), has joined forces with leading email marketing provider, MailChimp, to provide seamless integration through the AES / MailChimp connector.

This AES for MailChimp collaboration gives marketers and Student CRM Managers the ability to target prospective students with new courses, craft beautiful student communications and send them directly from MailChimp or AES, whilst sharing the results of the campaign between the two solutions.

AES for MailChimp enables follow-up actions and updates to be generated automatically through AES based on MailChimp tracking information, such as course recommendations and open day invitations.

The AES / MailChimp connector provides bi-directional, fully-integrated synchronisation so that you can work in your preferred app.

Quickly and simply sync MailChimp and AES contacts, you can;

  • Save time and effort by syncing AES contacts and subscriptions with MailChimp. The bi-directional integration sends AES contacts to a MailChimp list using an email message workflow.

  • Sync Achiever contact subscription data with the corresponding MailChimp group – ensuring that your Marketing and Communications department are always on the same page without any additional work.

  • Sync MailChimp campaigns with AES, creating a campaign in Achiever for each MailChimp campaign, this ensures that complete consistency and accuracy is delivered.

  • Create an activity in AES for each contact targeted by a MailChimp campaign, it also updates Achiever “click-through” information with actions imported from MailChimp campaigns.

Save Time for your Marketing Team or CRM Manager; let AES for MailChimp automate you towards greater productivity

Long and laborious manual exports / imports of data every time you run a campaign eat into your time and productivity - AES for MailChimp has scalable and efficient tools that will automate the work for you.

AES for MailChimp has the capability to handle syncing the largest of delegate lists with ease.

Improve Quality and Student Engagement by removing the risk of duplicated data

With significant experience in MailChimp, the development team at Interactive Software has built this integration with the user in mind, delivering a fast and intuitive integration.

AES for MailChimp is a smart integration that automatically prevents duplicates from being created when syncing your data or student lists, allowing you to profile and segment your AES CRM with confidence.

Understand your Students better & React more proactively

The AES for MailChimp adaptor enables student / prospect behaviour to be tracked and managed in AES, which in turn enables your organisation to see how well your communications are working and how to optimise your results to drive recruitment, reduce admin and create a positive student journey.

AES can automate follow-up actions and communications based on tracked behaviour from AES for MailChimp, ensuring that your team are providing the best student experience possible and can analyse student feedback to identify new opportunities and enhance the student journey.

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AES for MailChimp Process Flow Diagram


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