MailChimp to Amazon Redshift Integration

Load all your email marketing data into Amazon Redshift in minutes.

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Load all your email marketing data into Amazon Redshift

Blendo's MailChimp to Amazon Redshift integration allows you to sync all your email marketing, payments, customer support, customer and event data into your data warehouse, making reporting across multiple data sources straightforward.

  1. Save time & resources by integrating data from MailChimp and other sources into your data warehouse.
  2. Understand your customers by connecting the dots and answering questions about your business, that span across varied data sources.
  3. We do the heavy-lifting so you can focus on your marketing efforts and selling more.


It takes just a few clicks to connect. Anywhere. With no coding! Wire Blendo up to your MailChimp account and get blown away by how quickly you can have a working data warehouse.

Your raw email marketing data ready for use

Getting all the raw information together will provide your data analysts and engineers with the ability to have a clear view of your data at any moment in time. See a small sample of data questions to get you started.

Unlock the value of your data, segment your users better

Supercharge your BI and analytics and answer questions about your business, that span across varied data sources. Drill down to your raw email data, segment your users with data from sources like customer support or billing, uncover the funnel of your subscribers that converts better and earns you more revenue.

Multiple data sources

Blendo provides a simple interface for integrating data from MailChimp with data from other cloud services into your data warehouse. These integrations take a few minutes to setup without coding or maintenance from you. Explore more data source integrations.

Getting started

Getting started importing your MailChimp data is easy. First, you need to connect MailChimp as a Data Source and Amazon Redshift as a Destination. Next, Blendo's integration will import your email data like lists, list members, campaigns or reporting data and load it into your data warehouse.

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