Analytics Edge

Simplify your MailChimp spreadsheet reports and updates with the Analytics Edge add-in for Microsoft Excel.

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    Analytics Edge
  • Last Updated
    January 2016

Simple spreadsheet automation with the Analytics Edge Add-in is now extended with a Connector for MailChimp.

Stop wasting time with tedious downloads and spreadsheet updates. Don’t struggle with complicated formulas or macro programming. The Analytics Edge add-in for Microsoft Excel uses simple wizards to walk you through your download and analytics transformations, delivering report-ready numbers in your worksheet in seconds.

Full support of over 100 MailChimp API functions provides all the access you need to download, update and manage your campaigns and lists. Extended support for the MailChimp Export API lets you pull detailed campaign subscriber activity or large lists, and the Analytics Edge function wizards will make segmentation and analysis easy.

Huge time savings. Less complexity. Stay focused on your work. Simple spreadsheet automation from Analytics Edge.

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