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Automatically synchronise MailChimp list subscriber details with Artifax Event using this free integration.

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  • Developer
    Artifax Software Limited
  • Last Updated
    May 2015

Easily capture, segment and share subscriber details with Artifax Event.

Artifax Event scheduling software powers arts, cultural, educational, civic and commercial organisations worldwide, and can be hosted in our cloud or installed on your network. Its free integration with MailChimp is provided as a standard feature of Artifax Event v4.0.4.

Simply entering the API key and selecting a list enables events and facility rental teams to:

  • capture newsletter sign-ups on their website and automatically add them to Artifax Event

  • view the MailChimp interest group membership of a subscriber directly from within their Entity record in Artifax Event

  • unsubscribe an Entity from a MailChimp list or change their VIP status from within their Entity record

  • use Entity Groups in Artifax Event to automatically create Static Segments in MailChimp

  • synchronise Entities/Subscribers according to their Entity Group membership


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