Predictive Product Replenishment Automation

Keep customers coming back for consumable products time and time again with Windsor Circle's Replenishment Automator.

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It’s no secret that customers consume products at different rates. For instance, a customer with long hair is more likely to purchase shampoo more often than someone with much shorter hair. So then why do most replenishment solutions assume that the average of the masses can determine the optimal reminder date for each and every customer? Stop guessing! Our predictive data science helps retailers understand the individual buying pattern of repeat purchasers, and tailor retargeting campaigns to each of their customers, automatically. Over time, as a customer makes more purchases, our algorithm gets smarter and automatically adjusts to accommodate changes in the customer’s consumption patterns. That’s not just smarter replenishment, that’s smarter business.

Keep your customers coming back for their favorite consumable products time and time again with Windsor Circle's Replenishment Automator. Trigger personalized, dynamic emails based on your customers' individual buying behaviors and make sure they never run out of their favorite product again

Our Replenishment Automator saves you time and effort by automatically identifying your replenishable products. You can also choose to filter the number of products selected based on an assigned ranking of replenishable characteristics.

Our Replenishment Automator allows retailers to use product and purchase history data to trigger emails that remind customers to repurchase products just before they run out, ensuring that the right message is seen at exactly the right time.

The Power of Predictive Marketing One of the biggest challenges that retailers face is understanding, and adapting to, the consumer behavior of their customers. And that’s especially true for retailers who sell replenishable products.

Simply put, shoppers consume goods at different paces. In the time it takes one customer to go through a single bottle of shampoo, another may go through three bottles. With so little consistency, how are you supposed to know when it’s the right time to send your customers a replenishment reminder?

Stop guessing and know for sure. Our predictive data science helps retailers understand the individual buying pattern of repeat customers, and tailor re-marketing campaigns to each of their customers, automatically. Each individual buying pattern triggers a series of replenishment emails based on the customer’s order history and the average time it takes them to use a product.

Basket Multiple Replenishable Products into One Email

Email marketers routinely find themselves wasting valuable time and resources managing custom email formats, messaging and delivery cadence for every product in their catalog. Meanwhile, consumers are being bombarded with email after email of irrelevant product promotions, causing them to tune companies out.

We’ve streamlined this process to not only save the retailer time and effort, but to also reduce the overall amount of messaging that customers are receiving. The Replenishment Automator allows you to set a date range, and then automatically baskets together multiple items due for replenishment into a single email.

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