Azure SQL Data Warehouse Integration by Skyvia

Load MailChimp data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse for further data analysis in just a few clicks with Skyvia.

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    May 2018


Skyvia can greatly simplify replicating MailChimp data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. All you need to load data from MailChimp to Azure SQL Data Warehouse is to specify the corresponding MailChimp and Azure SQL Data Warehouse connections and select MailChimp objects to copy data from. No coding is required. Skyvia’s replication creates the corresponding Azure SQL Data Warehouse tables automatically and loads data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse with the highest possible speed. Moreover, Skyvia can automatically keep this copy up-to-date, applying fresh updates from MailChimp to Azure SQL Data Warehouse on the specified schedule. It can update the Azure SQL Data Warehouse data copy up to once per several minutes, if necessary.

If you need to load MailChimp data to already existing Azure SQL Data Warehouse tables, you can use Skyvia’s import. Our import allows you to load data between various data sources even with different data structure, mapping target columns to constants, expressions, lookups, etc. If necessary, you can import data from Azure SQL Data Warehouse back to MailChimp.

In addition to MailChimp and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Skyvia’s data integration supports a number of other cloud apps and databases. See the list of supported data sources on our Connectors page.

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