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For the last 20 years, sales force automation and CRM systems have primarily served as a database for storing sales data. Today's market demands more. Base -- rated the #1 Mobile CRM app -- up-levels the functionality of a CRM solution with powerful new features that allow users to tap valuable customer data anytime, from any device, render valuable insights to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the sales process, and present clear, actionable steps to close deals faster.

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    I would like to use BASE CRM contacts and integred with Mailchimp. Is it possible?



    I don't want to import my contacts to a NEW list since undoubtedly I would have duplicates with my mailing list. I'd like to be able to send contacts to a specific group - and in the case where that contact was a duplicate STILL have that contact added to a group.

    Brooke Browne


    I prefer there to be more integration from Mailchimp TO Base. It's rather painless to grab a list of contacts and import them into Mailchimp.

    What would be ideal is a notification or historical record in Base on a contact that signifies they were included in an email from Mailchimp.