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Bedrock offers bi-directional and multi-system MailChimp integrations with your other business systems.

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Bi-Directional MailChimp Integrations

What makes Bedrock Data's MailChimp integrations awesome? For starters, you're going to get a bi-directional integration out of the box. Secondly, Bedrock is easy to setup and use and only takes a few minutes to get stared with an integration, no coding or expensive consulting required. You can just get started without even seeing a demo or talking to us here:

Because MailChimp integrations are bi-directional, you can achieve the following integration points:

  • Continuous integration -- automated syncing between MailChimp and your other systems, which eliminates the need for manual exporting and importing of your data.
  • Updating of records automatically in your other system as they change in MailChimp. MailChimp contact data will also be updated as they change in other connected systems.
  • All MailChimp fields and merge vars are supported, so if you're using MailChimp forms, any form field can sync out to other systems.
  • Limit which records should sync to and from MailChimp using a Bedrock Data workflow.

You can also connect and integrate more than just 2 systems using Bedrock Data, so if you're using a CRM, financial or support application on top of MailChimp, you can connect that data as well in the same integration and configure the syncing with your Bedrock field mappings.

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