BookingLive is an online booking system to manage your business, bookings, enquiries and scheduling.

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    May 2013
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BookingLive is an online booking system that gives businesses complete control and flexibility over bookings, reservations, communications and customers. Integrate with Mailchimp to push all your subscriptions, bookings and enquiries into your mailing list.

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    Jon Smith

    - 06/07/2012

    Pros - excellent support team - hasn't not worked yet - links with my website enquiry form - links with my online customer bookings

    Cons - too technical to setup - help guide wasn't easy to understand

    Jon Smith

    - 06/07/2012

    pros and cons

    Stephanie Heath

    - 10/01/2012

    Pros: - worked first time - can be sent through to any email and my list id. - using their booking system + can download the submissions

    Cons: - took a while to know where to get api key + know where to enter.

    Tom AInsworth

    - 05/08/2013

    too complicated and support is rubbish