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Quickly drag & drop content from any RSS feed, blog or website into your newsletter.

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Grab your content.

It’s simple. Enter your blog address, RSS feed or key search word and in a flash we’ll grab your newsletter content for you.

We create a neat summary of each blog article or webpage that includes a short intro paragraph, an image and a link that takes the reader back to the original full article.

Become a curator

Never be at a loss for content to include in your newsletters. Download our Clipper and bookmark interesting web articles as you read them; they’ll be saved under the”Clipped” tab in the product.

The Clipper also lets you to export your newsletter to Gmail with 1-click. Download & install it for free. Make sure you’re using the Google Chrome Browser.

Drag, drop, create.

Now you can see all your articles listed in the content gallery, all you have to do is cherry-pick the ones you want in your newsletter and drag & drop them on to the editor. It’s that quick.

Say goodbye to all those formatting headaches you had in the past when you tried to copy-paste content into a newsletter.

Edit & customize.

See something in an article that’s not quite how you’d like it? No worries, with a couple of clicks you can edit the wording, add some pictures or apply any other touches you have in mind.

You can also upload a banner, write an introduction or add text boxes with your own content.

FREE to use.

Try It:

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4 - Congratulations, you're done!
3 - Select your Mailchimp list & click to Send
2 - Drag & drop your articles
1 - Enter your RSS feed, blog address or search for content


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    I'm not sure what I'm missing, but I only ever see "Send" in FlashIssue rather than "Send with MailChimp". What am I doing wrong?



    This just saved me 3 hours a week