Call Tracking For E-mail Campaigns

Track phone calls from your e-mail marketing campaigns! Outleads tracks calls without provisioning new phone numbers.

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    Outleads Inc.
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    April 2017

Outleads' innovative technology collects detailed call analytics about each phone call you receive - using just one phone number. You'll never have to provision phone numbers again!

Our technology extends to tracking phone calls from mobile devices that originate on e-mail marketing campaigns. Simply open an account with Outleads and setup our call tracking, connect your MailChimp account, place the link we generate in the e-mail you build on MailChimp, and take your marketing analytics to a whole new level.

1) Open an account.

2) Setup the call tracking preferences (10-15 minutes).

3) Go to Settings > MailChimp.

4) Follow the prompts to sync your MailChimp account.

5) Place the link generated as the phone link in any of your e-mail campaigns.

The incoming calls will now be attributed to the campaign name you set up in your MailChimp dashboard.

Please note: this feature covers phone calls from mobile devices.

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Mailchimp Sync Screen (initial)
Mailchimp Sync Screen (connected)
Sample call analytics report


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