Campaign InSight

Campaign InSight is a report viewer optimized for the Google Glass experience. All your reports are just a glance away!

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    Campaign InSight
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    September 2013

Campaign InSight is a fully functional report viewer for MailChimp E-mail Campaigns on Google Glass. It allows you to bring up campaign statistics on demand on your Google Glass. Campaign InSight currently displays information such as: How many orders received from the campaign, what the total dollar value on those orders combined is, the click through rate, what URL’s were clicked on, the open rate, how many people reported you as spam on a given campaign, how many unsubscribed and more. New statistics and features are being added all the time. Keep an eye on your campaign with Campaign InSight!

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Don't miss out on any of the action just cause your boss wants to know the open rate!
Just insert your API Key changes a couple of settings and you are set!
Pin a card to your timeline so you can easily pull up reports.
Get vital information regarding your campaigns on quickly on the go!


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