Capsule CRM by PieSync

With PieSync, every contact you add in Capsule CRM automatically gets added or updated in MailChimp, and vice versa.

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    June 2016


PieSync fills the gap between Capsule CRM and MailChimp.

One-way or two-way sync You can set up a one-way or two-way synchronization between the two apps in seconds.

Filters Then you select which contacts you'd like to keep in sync, based on Capsule CRM tags and MailChimp lists.

No intervention on your side After you’ve set up the PieSync connection, you don’t have to do anything. As soon as you update a name or email address in either Capsule CRM or MailChimp, we'll pick it up automatically and sync it to the other side.

Don’t waste time on contact management You don’t have to copy or check anything, we’ll send you a monthly report of what’s been synced the last 30 days.

Syncing unsubscribes You can choose to have anyone who unsubscribed get a 'piesync_unsubscribes' tag in Capsule CRM. That’s marketing data straight in your CRM.

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