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Connect ChannelAdvisor to MailChimp: Automatic Customer Segmentation by Purchase History

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    Windsor Circle, Inc
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    December 2015

Windsor Circle increases revenue for eCommerce Marketers by freeing data locked in the eCommerce ecosystem. By providing integrations to the leading software platforms used by online retailers, Windsor Circle provides marketers with instant access to customer, shopping cart, order management, and other data so that they can enjoy the same personalization and targeting capabilities that the world’s top online retailers use to drive revenue.

Windsor Circle's ChannelAdvisor to MailChimp integration automatically gathers and analyzes customer purchase history data to create targeted customer segments in your MailChimp account. We promise complete installation within 5 business days, instantly delivering you highly targeted customer segments, such as Best, Loyal, and Churning Customers, so you can send the Right Email, at the Right Time, to the Right Customers.

Windsor Circle's Intelligence engine goes beyond subscriber list syncing, reporting and analytics. We provide insights and recommendations that double and triple email marketing revenue, plus there is no software to learn and IT barely gets involved. It's software for eCommerce marketers, with a focus on the bottom line.


Want more information on making the most out of your MailChimp experience? Visit our resources page to download our FREE Playbooks & Guides that include step-by-step instructions on how to set up automated email campaigns, such as Welcome Series, Post Purchase Thank You Series, Best Customer Rewards, and Win-Back campaigns.

Unlock your eCommerce Data for Effective Email Marketing.

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