Chargify MailChimp Integration

Easily email your Chargify subscribers with MailChimp.

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    January 2016

Chargify's MailChimp integration makes emailing your subscribers easy! The integration automatically syncs your Chargify subscribers with MailChimp lists so you don't have to manually update or add lists in MailChimp. You can start start sending marketing emails and targeted campaigns within minutes of setup!

Integration setup is quick, easy, and guaranteed to save your business valuable time.

For all of the customers in your Chargify Site, the integration will sync the following information to the MailChimp list you select:

-customer ID -customer email address -customer first name -customer last name -customer reference -product name -subscription state

Going forward, any time a customer is updated, a new subscription is added, or a subscription is changed the information will automatically sync to MailChimp.

The MailChimp integration is available to customers on our Developer plan (for testing) and the Small Business Plus plan or higher. If you would like to test out the integration, but you do not meet these criteria, you may open a support ticket and request a one month credit for a free upgrade to the Small Business Plus plan.

To configure the Chargify MailChimp integration please see the instructions in our documentation.

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