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    October 2015

Why you must build your email list? Because it is effective than other platforms in the market, as everyone have an email account today. But, to create an Email list for your WordPress site is not an easy task and you need an effective newsletter plugin to do so. This is exactly where you need the service of ChimpMate WordPress plugin - The fully customizable, beautifully designed newsletter plugin with tons of features.

The ChimpMate WordPress plugin built with the readers in mind. That is, to call for the subscription without distracting them. From the administrator's perspective, the ChimpMate plugin is the perfect tool to create the Email list with lots of features and customizing options.

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Multiple Forms

  • Create custom forms corresponding to each subscription box such as lightbox, slider, top bar, flipbox or add-on.
  • Allow to add one of many lists created on MailChimp to each form. You can also add custom fields to each form.

Live Editor

  • Check the customizations you made in real time without refreshing the page.
  • Let you decide which customization option suited best for the subscription box without even updating the options.

Highly Customizable Themes

  • Offers 10 stunning, highly customizable themes.
  • The beautifully designed themes from ChimpMate will provide great user experience.

Depart Intent

  • Show the subscription box when the user is about to leave from your website.
  • It is an effective way of calling users of your website for the subscription without distracting them while reading.

Open On Click

  • Showing pop-ups with the intentional clicks from the users.
  • Implement this feature with a simple line of code on any element on your page.

Content Unlock

  • Lock whole content or some specific part of content using this feature.
  • Content unlock from ChimpMate is unbreakable and will help you to improve the reputation of your site.

A/B Testing

  • Provide result on which all factors worked well and sections you need to take care over a period of time.
  • Through clear insights from A/B testing, you could continuously produce positive results on your site.

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ChimpMate Live Editor
ChimpMate Multiple Forms
ChimpMate Content Lock
ChimpMate A/B Testing


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