SyncMonkey - Sync Volusion and MailChimp

Sync your Volusion store customers and orders to your MailChimp list.

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    Infused LLC
  • Last Updated
    November 2014
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Setup takes 5 minutes. Your latest customers and orders will begin to sync immediately. Older data will generally sync within next few hours.

Order data for each customer is sent to MailChimp, so you can segment your list by purchase activity or use autoresponders to follow up after a purchase.

Changes to customer data, including email address changes are synced to MailChimp immediately.

View the synchronization status of each and every customer and order.


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    Ryan H


    Followed the directions and got it to work right away. Thanks for providing a simple sync between V and MC!

    Marketing Director |


    works great at keeping our email list up to date with our Volusion based store.

    Pete - Airkewld CEO (


    I will be honest, I read the first three reviews and I walked right on by. After looking at alternatives, I gave it a shot.

    I will preface that for 6 years, I have been adding clients to my Mailchimp import manually every day. 15-20 minutes every weekday, it took me to add them to my account and I did it because it had great value to do so.

    So I read the how to articles and gave it a shot. It did not work for me because I did not comprehend the article. The article is written perfectly but when speed reading, you assume and then you write reviews like 3 out of the 4 above. I politely sent an email asking what could I have possibly done incorrectly, and thanked them prior to any possible return email. The same day, I got a response with help. I was able to get all my questions asked and resolved my problems with in 24 hours.

    With the new updated Volusion Interface, you need to purge the API to get the blood pumping so to speak. As soon as I was able to do that I found out that I inputted the wrong list ID. As soon as that was fixed, wha laa! Perfection. I now have 1 1/2 hours of my life back per week because of this simple tool.

    For free even, with support, if you do it kindly, things will and can get handled with it all ending in a great smile. I appreciate it once again, you are a star for creating this great tool!

    Brian - President of Online Land Sales (


    We were up and running within the first few days. All customer service questions were answered immediately. The representatives at Chimporter guided us expertly, with simple response that were very easy to follow. We recommend this company without reservation!



    Wasn't working at all but appears to have started at some point. Chimporter still doesn't connect to Mailchimp as it says. MailChimp support has no answers.



    I will agree with Janelle, we have attempted to use the product several times...the "company" is COMPLETELY unresponsive. Absolutely infuriating!



    Hi - please note I have tried on several occassions to utilise this plugin and get it set up and it simply does not work. The company is also totally non responsive - I have sent several emails and they never get back to you. My advice is don't bother....