CiviCRM Mandrill Integration

Send all of your bulk CiviMail and/or other CiviCRM emails through Mandrill, with full reporting in CiviCRM.

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    July 2015

This CiviCRM native extension provides email delivery for CiviMail and/or other email from CiviCRM via the Mandrill service.

A simple, no-fuss service. After setting up the integration to provide reliable email delivery, everything just works like normal everywhere in CiviCRM.

Unlike some other email delivery integrations for CiviCRM, Mandrill Emails supports sending non-CiviMail as well as CiviMail messages through the service. So you benefit from white listing, bounce processing and click-through tracking for personalized emails like event registrations, contribution receipts, and membership renewal reminder notices.

The Mandrill Emails extension creates an Activity for each email sent to a person, and provides full reports for bounces, click-throughs and other events.

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