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Clinic software that you'll love. Cliniko is used by more than 10,000 healthcare practitioners all around the world.

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Cliniko is a completely web-based practice management software system made for healthcare professionals.

Cliniko helps you manage your practice, including tasks like: - Appointment scheduling and automated reminders - Recording and maintaining patient records - Invoicing and accounts.

Our MailChimp integration automatically syncs all of your patients from Cliniko into a list of your choice in MailChimp. Connecting Cliniko and MailChimp takes about 30 seconds and everything is taken care of for you from there.

You can try Cliniko for free for 30-days, no obligation, no credit card required.

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    SA Integrated Therapies


    After months of searching and trial software packages our business came across Cliniko and has found it to be a brilliant addition. It is user friendly, uncomplicated, but sophisticated - we use it to run 12 Allied Health practitioners in two clinic locations. We have found the constant updates, improvements and communications with clients to be excellent. There will always be minor glitches when it comes to internet/cloud based software, but the Cliniko team is always striving to iron these out. We were using Mailchimp prior to taking on our CLiniko subscription and have found this to be a welcomed integration. From our perspective we are extremely happy with the product and service and highly recommend it.

    Action Physio


    Quality service never any problems

    Chiropractix Wellness Centre


    I use this feature for all our monthly newsletters. I like how I don't need to manually add new recipients to Mailchimp, as they are added directly from the Cliniko patient database. Very useful.

    Anthony Rogan


    Unlike previous review I have found Cliniko meets all the needs of running my clinic from diary, invoicing, online bookings etc. the team there seem to be constantly improving the software and have other integrations in the pipeline. Hasn't gone offline since I began in Jan.



    Cliniko is striving for upgrading the very few floors that exist. They have never dropped out without prior warning for maintenance since i have been with them (5months now). I run on imac through Chrome on optic fibre network and the speed is nice.

    We email a newsletter quarterly and have used mailchimp integration that made for very smooth sailing...



    I have been using Cliniko for about 6 months now and ot has been fantastic. The support from Joel & his team is second to none, always willing to keep in touch with their subscribers and any (rare) issues have been dealt with promptly. Integration with Mailchimp works well.

    Darlene J Brown Massage


    I had been using Mailchimp before I started with Cliniko. I was thrilled that Cliniko integrates with Mailchimp. This integration is fantastic, however there were a few things that made life a little difficult. In the beginning, I started my adding Cliniko to my existing list on Mailchimp, it just sent all clients with an email address to Mailchimp, which is not a good when you have been directed not to add some client's to the mailing list. It took me quite a lot of time to fix this up and get rid of the duplications (as I already had people in my list). I believe it is a Cliniko issue not a Mailchimp issue. Anyway I was able to fix it up using the dates that they were added to Mailchimp.

    Now the only problem I have is when a client makes a booking online and gives their email address or if I add an email address to their new client record, it automatically goes to Mailchimp - creating more work in that I then have to manually go into Mailchimp and delete it if they elected to not get mail. It would be better if there was a feature in Cliniko that had a ticked box that would eradicate this error.

    But saying that it is a lot less time consuming not having to add everyone who wants mail to Mailchimp manually.

    wrights therapy australia pty. ltd.


    Not happy at all with the software, been using it for 2 months.Ive had 2 drop outs with there servers and the latest one was today where i was unable to take appointments or make any appointments.This literally has cost me hundreds of dollars.We pay a premium and you would think they could let there customers know whats happening. Ive been trying so called support and got nothing all afternoon not even a recording of what has happened.

    scott wright