Cloud Elements API Integration Platform

Make your app cooperate with the cloud services your customers want to use with MailChimp through easy to use REST APIs!

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    Cloud Elements
  • Last Updated
    September 2015

Integrate categories of Cloud Services!

  • “One-to-Many” APIs: Using our Hubs, one uniform API connects you to many cloud services, which we call Elements.
  • Our Hubs: Cloud Storage, CRM, Marketing, Help Desk, Messaging, Finance and more. Keep Up to Date: We maintain all of your integrations and continue to add new services.

Built For Developers!

  • Seamless UX: 100% API based service that can be embedded seamlessly into your app. Your customers will never know we’re there!
  • RESTful APIs: Cloud Elements’ Hubs are built on straight-forward RESTful APIs with JSON payloads regardless of the endpoint.
  • On The Fly Provisioning: Elements automatically authenticate and connect to an unlimited number of accounts.

Manage Integrations All in one place!

  • Platform Level APIs: Logging, monitoring, alerts and notifications through Elements Manager and Platform APIs.
  • Authentication: Uniform approach to authenticate each cloud service regardless of the protocol (OAuth, SAML, etc.).
  • Security: We encrypt and store the user and refresh tokens so you don’t have to worry about user management for your integrations.

Try it out for Free! Priced to scale with you.

  • Our integration service is priced per month, per Element and is free for developers to try out. Choose the edition that will work best for your business.
  • You can also license the Cloud Elements API Manager Platform, which our integration service is built on.

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