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CoffeeCup's Web Form Builder gives full design control over web forms in a simple point-and-click interface you'll love.

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    June 2013
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CoffeeCup's Web Form Builder gives you full design control over your web forms in a simple point-and-click interface you'll love.

It's no secret: the better your form design, the more successful your form is. Get more email signups, sell more gear, and collect more information with the catchiest forms on the web.

Web Form Builder allows you to manage your MailChimp newsletters with its intuitive integration. New subscribers, unsubscribers, single- and double-opt-in — all with an interface that's as easy to use as it is to look at.

Choose from 24 elements to get the perfect form. Customize the header, add a logo, use HTML5 smart fields that are perfect for mobile devices, and more. Your forms can even pop up over a webpage to really grab attention. It's quite simply the best way to build forms.

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Give your form a sweet design with one click.
Make your form pop up over a webpage and grab attention.
Enter your MailChimp API key for instant integration with your mailing list.
Build your form by dragging and dropping elements.


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    Keith Jones


    Form Builder allows people to create forms which most could not create by hand. One fee and free updates for life.

    Now you can combine the forms with MailChimp, a market leader in managing lists. Even the free account gives you plenty of scope.



    Love the MailChimp integration. Easy to setup and use. Best of all FREE! What a combination. Great HTML form creation program and with MailChimp you can build and manage your list of customers, friends, family or whomever. Love it!



    Yes, this is another great programm from CC people. Whit many usefull features. You can use your MailChimp account with CoffeeCup's Web Form Builder whitout problem. Try it out for free and download free upgrades for life.


    Jo Ann


    Intuitive, Feature Packed, integrates with MailChimp flawlessly. Great program and so useful when it can connect to things like MailChimp and even has payment processing in it too. Price is perfect and free updates for life. What's not to like?!



    Great for collecting sign up information for my son's after school club. Parents can sign up online for email notifications and newsletters. Works like a charm with MailChimp and has made the whole process so easy! I'm not a pro with computers and I was able to get the software to work with my MailChimp account without pulling my hair out!



    I got this after I couldn't get the flexibility a client required out of the Mailchimp forms.

    Used it for the client and now I am hooked. Will use it for all future forms.



    Creating forms is time consuming manually plus to add mailchimp access save data in a file or mysql database requires creating a script to suit each form. Now with the Web form builder you get all that in one package.Did I also mention it even includes a payment system. With themes to use it is the complete form creation package. Try it, you will never look back



    This new HTML version of Form Builder is the ideal partner to work with your MailChimp Newsletter Account. Just create your Form Builder Sign-up-Form and then integrate it into MailChimp and you are ready to run your campaigns. When your visitor fills out the form they next receive an email to verify they still wish to join, from then on all you have to do is compose your Newsletter and send via MailChimp. Anyone who wishes to Unsubscribe can follow the the link in the email and it is done without your intervention. There is too much I could say about the 2 products but the most important thing is that they both work well together and will save you lots of time enabling you to concentrate on other things, a must purchase.



    The Coffeecup Webform Builder is a very powerful but easy application to implement. Easy as 1-2, never got to three. I'm a tinkerer so it fits my abilities very well. It leaving the door open to be able to alter the form from outside the application if need for special implementations was the big seller for me. I just finished an inventory application with mysql where the Form Builder was the front end. It taking care of the data submission with minimal input from me left me time to concentrate on the back end scripts for the final display. The forum support is full of examples from users implementing their forms in websites built in every possible setting. WordPress is a very popular launching platform for the Coffeecup Webform Builder. Thanks for a great application Coffeecup.

    David Smyth


    CoffeeCup Software is special.

    This is because the people behind it and their philosophy is extra special.

    Not only is Web Form Builder a cracker of an application, but the guys and gals behind it are just as ordinary as you or me.

    This counts big time and results in a level of customer support second to none. Trust me, they value every client and they actually want to know how YOU feel.

    This web form concept ticks all the boxes. With flexible and user intuitive layout, the application makes form creation a pleasure.

    You can host your form on S-Drive and get access to proper statistics or you can host it yourself.

    The form has some magical options and real payment integration.

    Best of all, it's a one-time purchase. Unlike many comparable alternatives out there, the form hosting starts at FREE and the software has no monthly commitment - buy it & it's yours for life, with FREE upgrades for life too.

    Do yourself a big favour and try/buy Coffeecup Web Form Builder. You will NOT regret it



    This is a very useful integration and - in my view - produces nicer-looking and more flexible forms than many of the online services. There were a couple of issues with the first MailChimp integration, but CoffeeCup quickly provided a workaround and have now resolved the problems. We have employed this form to run a referral program - it updates the Mailchimp profile of the referer (i.e. our customer), emails the referee (i.e. their friend) without capturing the friend's email address (which would be spammy). Works great!



    I clicked on this because I need better looking forms. No where on the site is there a screen shot of what the forms look like. Not one example. Also, it doesn't give any specifics on what types of sites it integrates with. Does it work with Wordpress? I don't know. With some more details, I'd at least think about it.

Freddie feedback