Connect MailChimp with All Your Cloud Apps

Azuqua lets you easily manage email marketing by connecting MailChimp with your other cloud apps.

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    March 2016

Azuqua lets business users connect MailChimp to other cloud applications - quickly, securely, reliably. With Azuqua, you can automate manual tasks, data synchronization, and user notifications. Examples include:

⋅⋅ Send targeted emails from MailChimp based on trial status from Intercom, UserVoice, or other apps ⋅⋅ Add or remove users from list based on their status in CRMs such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, and MS-Dynamics ⋅⋅ Send confirmation and reminder emails from MailChimp using triggers from event management solutions such as Eventbrite ⋅⋅ Many more use cases...

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