Connecto Lead Forms With MailChimp Integration

Generate more and quality leads or email subscribers proactively and get them directly into your MailChimp List.

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    April 2015

Personalize your messaging for every visitor like never before!

Connecto is a tool that helps you to generate more and quality leads as well as subscriptions from your site traffic. It reduces the visitors bounce rate by 7-10%.

With Connecto you don't need any of your designers and technical team for any marketing efforts. You get 100's of templates and targeting options to customize and personalize your site for each and every visitor.

Connecto Add-ons to website:

  • Quality Lead Generation
  • More Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Show Offers and Discounts
  • Personalized Messaging
  • More Engagement

Connecto Features:

  • MailChimp or any CRM Integration in just one click
  • Reduce Bounce Rate - Exit Intent
  • 100's of Design Templates - No need to design
  • Connecto Targeting - Get Quality Leads and Subscriptions
  • Enriched Visitor Data with Each Lead Submission
  • GeoLocation Based Targeting

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