Stay in touch with the relationships that matter. Easily add important contacts to MailChimp.

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    October 2014
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Contactually helps you manage your professional relationships. With MailChimp, you can easily message groups of contacts, but how do you keep the 1-1 relationships strong?

Contactually connects to your e-mail and social accounts, prioritizes all your contacts, and most importantly, actively reminds you to keep in touch with the relationships that matter.

With Contactually's MailChimp integration, you can easily connect MailChimp to Contactually. As you identify contacts, Contactually will automatically add contacts to lists. * As you meet new leads, automatically add them to your monthly sales email. * As you meet new contacts, automatically add them to your holiday card list. * If a lead moves to a client, Contactually can move them between lists.

Also, Contactually tracks your MailChimp conversations, so when you want to reach out to a particular contact in Contactually, you'll be able to see e-mails, tweets, phone calls and MailChimp campaigns for that relationship.

Compatible with: * Gmail * Google Apps * Microsoft Exchange and Outlook * IMAP * Salesforce * Highrise * SugarCRM

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    This is just not working. I thought as contacts were entered in MailChimp (via EventBrite) they would be put in the synced bucket in Contactually. I now have 15 contacts in MailChimp. ZERO in the Contactually bucket.



    Not logging in my contacts.



    my buckets are not syncing as it explains



    Doesn't add contacts to buckets as specified.