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Contests by Rewards Fuel

*Rewards Fuel provides low cost, effective marketing, that encourages your clients to take actions that build your business; it's a win-win for you and your customers!

Great results speak for themselves- check out a recent case study.

Currently we have 16 entry methods to choose from - here's some of the most popular:

Instagram - 'Follow on Instagram' to enter, as well as 'upload and tag a photo or video to win'

Newsletter entry - 'Enter to win by signing up for your newsletter' (export to MailChimp, CSV, Aweber, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and Icontact)

YouTube Subscribe - Increase your subscribers on YouTube with "subscribe to your channel to win".

Action entry - Place a tracking pixel on the confirmation page of almost any action to add incentive.

Question entry - Get feedback from your audience. Ask your customers to answer a question to win.

Simple contest creation and display: Start your first contest in minutes, simply answer a few questions about when you want your contest to run, what you're giving away, and how you want people to enter. We will give you a short code- eg: [RF_CONTEST contest='1234'] for WordPress or JavaScript that you can insert anywhere in your post just like a YouTube video.

**Features: • Responsive contest layouts - Your Rewards Fuel contest will look great on all devices from your smart phone, to your desktop. • Easy embed text - Insert the contest anywhere in your blog post, no need for coding. • Verified entry methods - We monitor entry methods for the duration of the contest.
Statistics - See who entered your contest including geographic and demographic information and the option to easily export. • Automation - Schedule your start and end dates, set-up automatic notifications, and allow Rewards Fuel to pick your winner(s) if you choose. • Integrations - We connect to your accounts to save you time (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube, and more). • Customize your Contest - Multiple colours, styles, themes and fonts to choose from.

It's FREE To use this plugin, simply sign up for a free Rewards Fuel account, no credit card or trial period needed. You will have instant access to our contest creation software as well as several free features, plus the option to purchase additional paid features.

Frequently Asked Questions Is this free? Yes we have a 100% free version with no trial period.

Do I have to sign up for Rewards Fuel to use this? Yes- it's free and just takes a few minutes.

Do I need a credit card to sign up? No.

Something we missed? Please email us for questions, comments or suggestions - we love hearing from you.

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    Running contests are fun and seeing the excitement of each winner is indeed rewarding. However one of the challenges we faced running social media contests was evaluating its effectiveness beyond the individual winner. As a small brand with a higher costs of goods each contest isn’t cheap for us to run so any tool that helps bridge the gap between cost and ROI gets my attention.

    I don’t remember how I came across RewardsFuel as there are a myriad of similar tools at one’s disposal. But the one thing the stuck with me most about Rewards Fuel was their willingness to listen and improve their product to fit our needs. The number one feature I needed was a seamless entry for our Instagram contests where RewardFuel captured data on new followers and new email entries to our contests. The app was simple to use and simple to understand, and provided that analytical data for us to gauge the success of each contest we ran. From the 3 contests we ran we gained over 2,000 new emails from our target market and grown our Instagram followers by 30%.



    Over 2000 views, and less than 300 unique entries, because their platform wouldn't work. Twitter Follow never worked once... Instagram Follow stopped working mid-contest... share entries were spotty.... and only apply points when a friend shares the post they shared. Just a confusing... half-working platform that we'll never use again.



      Hello Jamie,

      We are sorry you didn't get the results you wanted. We are a small team and try to keep up with what our customers want.

      We have recently updated the contest platform dramatically (re-written from scratch). The new platform has been up and running now for a few weeks. So far the results are dramatically better. We will make it worth your while if you decide to give us another shot. Please email if you would like to try it again.

      Again we are sorry and hope you give us another shot.