Coupon Carrier

Distribute unique codes — that you provide — to your MailChimp subscribers.

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    February 2017
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How does it work?

Coupon Carrier allows you to import a list of unique codes and then have it distribute these codes to new or existing subscribers. You can think of it like a mailman. It can be used to deliver unique codes to new subscribers or to send out codes using MailChimp automations like birthdays or ecommerce events.

Our simplest feature — in terms of configuration — is the Redeem Link. It's a custom link that you can use in any MailChimp campaign or automation by adding it as a link. When this link is clicked by a subscriber they are taken to a landing page where their unique code is shown. This feature is useful for distributing codes to existing subscribers or birthday/ecommerce automation emails. For more information read our Getting Started Guide for Redeem Link.

The second choice is our "Welcome Email Automation". This allows you to monitor one of your MailChimp lists for new subscribers. When Coupon Carrier is notified that a new subscriber has been added it will send out an email with one of your unique codes. For more information read our Getting Started Guide for Welcome Email.


We have partial support for QR and barcodes. The feature is still in a test stage with a number of our customers. Contact us for more information about how you can use this in your Coupon Carrier account.

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    Richard G


    I use coupon carrier in integration with mail chimp to release coupon codes for physical products.

    Jonas is a wonderful person and always willing to help you out, I use A LOT of services and Jonas is up there with the best for his friendly and helpful manner.

    Keep up the good work team - you have a fan in me!