MailChimp for Cratejoy

Connect to your Cratejoy store to easily connect with your subscribers, win back lost subscribers, and more.

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    April 2017

Your Cratejoy subscribers and their purchase data are now automatically synced with MailChimp, making it easier to stay in touch with your subscribers!

With Cratejoy for MailChimp, you can use Cratejoy subscriber data in MailChimp to: - Keep your MailChimp subscriber list automatically in sync with your Cratejoy customer list - Welcome new subscribers to your store with MailChimp automation - Follow up with current subscribers to get them excited about upcoming shipments or to get feedback on recent shipment - Create targeted emails by segmenting on your customers' location, lifetime revenue, and gift-giving status - Win back expired or cancelled subscribers

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Set up your MailChimp list in Cratejoy
Create segmented MailChimp lists with Cratejoy data
Use Cratejoy data to trigger emails with MailChimp automation


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